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Run strong with Bracket Security Software.
Defend your servers, network, and data
even against the most sophisticated threats.

Bracket offers three layers of protection: Server Guard for immutable server security, Network Guard to isolate and safeguard networks, and Data Guard for always-on data encryption. These three layers provide the strongest and most effective cloud workload protection, so even if there is an attack, it can’t persist or spread to do any damage.

Server Guard

Prevent Malware Execution and Persistence

Server Guard provides runtime integrity and a unique defense against persistent attackers, safeguarding the critical parts of the operating system to stop attackers from making their next move even if they acquire root privilege.

Network Guard

Reduce Attack Surface

Network Guard provides industry-leading microsegmentation with built-in encryption that’s independent of the underlying physical infrastructure and IP addresses, protecting networks from the spread of persistent threats.

Data Guard

Encrypt Your Data At All Times

Data Guard encrypts all data at rest and in motion with built-in data integrity. The encryption is always on, backed by a Hardware Security Module that the enterprise controls, and it cannot be disabled even with root access.

Bracket Security Software:
More than the sum of its parts.

Together, Server Guard, Network Guard, and Data Guard provide complete and effective security designed for the hybrid cloud. In addition to their individual capabilities, all three are part of Bracket Security Software, which enables visibility, control, transparency, and forensics for compliance enforcement that is available only from Bracket.

Bracket Security Software is powered by our patented Metavisor™, an advanced virtualization technology that ensures security while delivering transparent insertion of security services, separation of duties, and compliance in a self-service world.

Designed for the modern hybrid cloud with a single set of advanced IT security controls that work across environments, Bracket Security Software works everywhere you do—across on-premise VMware clouds, as well as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.


A single set of security services that work consistently across public and private clouds.

Visibility and Auditability

Security teams control encryption keys and key operations, compliance reporting proves auditability, and Bracket’s powerful event-driven forensics enable real-time high-fidelity investigation.

Incident Response and Forensics

Tagging allows for real-time visualization of complex data centers. Users can see actual flows, flows allowed by policy, as well as blocked flows on an interactive display. All system events are logged and synced to your existing SIEM solution.

Always-On Encryption

Bracket transparently encrypts all data at rest and in motion, provides automated key management, and guarantees that the root of trust is always controlled by the enterprise. It requires no agents or operating system modifications, and it can’t be turned off.

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