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Full Workload Isolation.
Because If You’re Just Protecting the Network, You’re Just Not Protected.

Traditional perimeter-oriented defenses can’t protect your enterprise from malware, malicious insiders, and plain old mistakes across hybrid cloud environments. And once these threats get through, they spread laterally through your systems. That’s why Bracket created its Full Workload Isolation technology, which secures the entire workload with three layers of protection: Servers that are hardened against compromise, networks that are isolated, and data that is always encrypted and protected. So even if there is a breach, the damage is limited and it can’t spread.

Full Workload Isolation is provable security, with all the visibility, forensics, and auditability you need built in as a steady state. Designed for the modern hybrid cloud with a single set of advanced IT security controls that work across environments, Full Workload Isolation works everywhere you do—across on-premise VMware clouds, as well as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Bracket’s Full Workload Isolation technology is powered by its Metavisor™, an advanced virtualization technology that ensures security while delivering transparent insertion of security services, separation of duties, and compliance in a self-service world.

Harden the Server

Integrity and server protection capabilities protect systems, starting at boot.

Isolate the Network

Network micro-segmentation and encryption protect the network.

Protect the Data

Bracket not only encrypts all data at all times, but also ensures its integrity.

Forensics, Auditability, and Visibility

Security teams control encryption keys and key operations, real-time visibility of policy and network flows supports auditability, and Bracket’s powerful event-driven forensics enables real-time high-fidelity investigation.

Always-On Encryption

Bracket encrypts all data at rest and in motion, provides automated key management, and guarantees that the root of trust always resides with the enterprise. Encryption is transparent to development and operations teams, requires no agents or operating system modifications, and cannot be turned off.

Technology Highlights


Powered by the Metavisor, Bracket’s Advanced Virtualization Technology

An advanced virtualization technology, Bracket’s Metavisor provides enterprise IT controls within any cloud. Running between the guest OS and the cloud hypervisor, the Metavisor virtualizes the I/O functions, allowing transparent insertion of security services without modification. Built for production workloads, the Metavisor’s position in the stack allows it to combine the granularity of a host-based security solution while providing separate network, storage, and compute-based controls that cannot be turned off.


Ensuring Consistency and Simplicity Across Multiple Clouds

A single set of security services that work consistently across CSPs, Bracket’s Full Workload Isolation technology eliminates the complexity of managing different clouds, running different controls, and most important, getting different results.

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