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The Heart of Full Workload Isolation Technology

The Bracket Metavisor is an advanced virtualization technology that provides enterprise IT controls within any cloud. Running between the guest OS and the cloud hypervisor, the Metavisor virtualizes the I/O functions, thereby enabling the transparent insertion of security services. Since the Metavisor lives apart from the guest OS in an isolated memory space, it combines the granularity of a host-based security solution with the transparency and immutability of a network-based solution. By deploying security services at this level, the Metavisor acts as the enterprise’s virtual network perimeter, allowing underlying clouds to be treated solely as capacity pools.

Bracket’s Metavisor boots and chain loads an unmodified guest operating system prior to virtual machine initiation. Completely transparent, the Metavisor presents itself to the guest operating system as the cloud hypervisor, and to the cloud hypervisor as the guest operating system.

Uniquely Positioned for Transparency

The Metavisor sits between the guest OS and the cloud provider’s hypervisor, transparently inserting a single set of IT security controls. A virtual NIC, a virtual storage controller, and a virtual memory controller, the Metavisor ensures IT control without burdening developers.

Operational Simplicity

The Metavisor provides operational simplicity by acting as a single insertion point for IT security controls such as server protection, network micro-segmentation, data protection, and more. IT can thus ensure consistent security policies across hybrid cloud environments. The Metavisor works with existing enterprise IT and cloud management applications and tools to eliminate the need for custom APIs.

Designed for Production Workloads

The Metavisor sits in the data path and virtualizes only the system I/O, thereby avoiding the nested virtualization problem of compounded context switches. Supported by Intel chip sets, this approach lets the Metavisor run large-scale production workloads.

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