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Provable Security That Limits HIPAA Audit Scope

Healthcare providers who store protected health information (PHI) in hybrid cloud environments must ensure confidentiality when that data is transferred, handled, or shared to meet HIPAA requirements. This is extremely difficult as adoption of cloud environments disperses sensitive enterprise assets and increases audit scope, requiring that IT implement, test, document, and, most importantly, prove their compliance across heterogeneous environments. Bracket Computing’s Full Workload Isolation solution provides one single set of security controls across hybrid cloud, securing assets, reducing audit scope, and helping prove HIPAA compliance. Enforced via lightweight virtualization, Bracket software limits audit scope to enterprise workloads, not the cloud infrastructure underneath.

Protect Your Assets. Reduce Your Scope. Prove You Did It.

The Bracket solution encrypts data at rest and in motion while providing access controls, encryption key management, auditing, and monitoring functions, making it simple to prove that technical safeguards are in place and working.

Transparent Encryption

Bracket enforces transparent, always-on encryption of data at rest and in motion, allowing healthcare providers to meet key HIPAA requirements without disrupting development and operations teams.

Key Management

Bracket’s customer-controlled, end-to-end key management reduces overhead of complex key management across hybrid cloud environments.

Security Incident Management

Bracket detects high-risk events automatically through policy, takes a snapshot of memory and preserves it for investigation.


Prove HIPAA compliance by demonstrating risk management, data protection, end-to-end key management, and security incident management.

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