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The Computing Cell

The Computing Cell is security software that provides Full Workload Isolation, extending encryption, integrity and micro-segmentation, beyond just the network to include a workload’s storage and compute resources. It's provable security, with all the visibility, forensics and auditability you need built in as a steady state. Designed as a single set of advanced IT controls, the Cell works everywhere you do—across on-premise VMware clouds, as well as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. At the heart of the Cell sits the Metavisor™, an advanced virtualization technology that allows protection services to be inserted and audited transparently, with no impact to developers or data center operations teams. Now enterprises can ensure separation of duties and compliance in a self-service world.

Powered by the Metavisor

The Metavisor is an advanced virtualization technology that allows the insertion of protection services, without any modifications to the guest OS or applications. Running between the guest OS and the cloud hypervisor, the Metavisor is transparent and immutable to the guest OS. Designed for production workloads, the Metavisor’s position in the stack allows it to combine the granularity of a host-based security solution while providing separate network, storage, and compute-based controls that cannot be turned off.

It’s Full Workload Isolation

If you’re protecting only the network, you aren’t protected. The Cell extends security to the full workload—network, storage, and compute resources. Designed for the modern hybrid cloud, the Cell’s advanced encryption protects both data at rest and in motion, while runtime integrity protects servers even when they’re running. The Cell’s network micro-segmentation relies on cryptographic authentication, not IP addresses or physical constructs. Threat prevention capabilities ensure that threats can’t move laterally. Full Workload Isolation is protection that moves with the workload, protecting the complete workload completely.


The Four Capabilities of the Computing Cell

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Powerful controls and integrity checks for protection throughout the lifecycle.



On-premise and cross-cloud connections secured by simple, plain-English policies



"Always on” encryption makes sure your data stays that way.

Security Operations


Key control, deep insight, and complete visibility for your security teams.

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